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Samoan Heritage Initiative Program

The American Samoa Government Office in Hawaii is a strong advocate of helping our Samoan communities in Hawaii by providing resources in better health, better future, stronger language resulting in a stronger culture. The ability to weave this into your life will make you a better and prouder Samoan. 

Lou Soifua Maloloina   

Focusing on health, physical activity and educating our people to make better choices towards a healthier lifestyle. To help minimize obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer among our population. The ultimate vision is for our people to have healthier bodies and thus live a longer life. We aim to engage our youth and young adults in sports activities and tournaments. We will be hosting blood drives, vaccination sites, and providing various medical and social services for our Samoan people living in Hawai'i.

Lou Lumana'i  

The American Samoa Government Office in Hawaii will provide scholarship opportunities to pursue furthering education for our high school students. The purpose of our aim is to be able to provide resume and interview workshops for students to help find jobs, if they do not pursue a college career. The ASGHI will become a resource center to help our people live a better life through finding better quality jobs. We would also provide career fairs and support in areas that would otherwise be out of reach for most Samoan parents. 


Lau Gagana  

By learning the Samoan language our children learn to appreciate the importance of language and culture in their lives now, to better cope with their circumstances in Hawaii. 

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Lau Aganu'u  

In hopes of teaching the importance of respect and honoring our parents, this can be conveyed through the lessons taught through learning the nuances of language and then practicing it during cultural activities.