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A o'o le poto i lou loto ma ua malie 'ia te oe le atamai

Fa'ata'oto 2:10

"For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul."


Lou Soifua Maloloina

The ultimate goal is to bring our people to a healthier body and thus have a longer life.

Lou Lumana'i

Our aim is to provide scholarship opportunities to pursue furthering education for our high school students. The ASGHI will become a resource center to help our people live a better life through finding better quality jobs. 

Lau Aganu'u

The hope of teaching the importance of respect and honoring our parents are conveyed through the lessons and then practiced in cultural activities. 

Lau Gagana

By learning the Samoan language our children learn to appreciate language and culture. 

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